What is EasyDoH?

EasyDoH is a Firefox plugin that allows you to choose easily between different DNS over HTTPS servers. Currently Firefox works with Cloudflare as its default DoH server, and allows to modify it by using some confusing configuration parameters. EasyDoH simplifies this configuration and shows more alternatives to use different DoHs depending on your needs.

DoH is easy!

DNS over HTTPS is a controversial matter, but it is here to stay. Firefox is activating it by default in some countries using Cloudflare as its default server. EasyDoH allows you to choose between different alternatives.

Why EasyDoH

Only two clicks

Some of the parameters are hidden in about:config menu. With easyDoH this parameters are just one click away.

Just a script file is needed

Since Firefox extensions do not allow to modify files, we need a little script to achieve that and change DoH internal configuration. No worries, source code is here.

Download Script


Thank you for your interest in EasyDoH. Please write to us if you have any questions or suggestions and we will get back to you very soon.